CPMG Architects

As one of Nottingham's most well-established Architects, CPMG's website did not best represent their core values or prestigious reputation. So I designed them a new one, with a user-centered approach and clean, minimal aesthetic that would really show off their work in full technicolour.



As a starting point, I conducted a series of staff interviews (with different seniority levels to establish balance), to get a feel for different perspectives, what they each saw as opportunities for improvement, and how we could better present the various facets of their work in a way which would be easy for site visitors to imbibe and enjoy.

From there, a serious of outcomes were discussed, prioritised and streamlined, resulting in a series of sitemaps, user journeys and wireframes. These items would define the problems we were trying to solve, and outline the targets we would aim for.

Milestones were set up, and away we went.


Designing the Interface.

Whilst the site was an about-turn in terms of visual style, affording me plenty of creative freedom, I was still wary of over-complicating it. To combat this, I was mindful to align each page design to a specific user outcome (which were defined by our research workshops early in the process).

The result of this was a cohesive set of designs that introduced new functionality, better explained CPMG's ethos, and aligned the website with the rest of the brand identity.

So plenty of whitespace, retina-ready imagery and bold, impactful typography.


Motion & Interaction.

Since we wanted a classy, visually engaging design aesthetic, a series of subtle animation guidelines were created. This included specific on-load motion rules, generative scroll interactions and image treatments when moused over and dragged.

As a result, we were able to enhance the presentation of the work without distracting from the core purpose, as all good motion design should.


Putting it all together.

To bring the site to life I worked closely with friend and colleague Louise Foster and the talented team at Kind, who between them developed a responsive front-end and integrated it all in to a bespoke CraftCMS installation, allowing CPMG to have full control over their content going forwards. The site launched in January 2018.