Hive Analytics Project Overview

Hive is an in-development service aimed predominantly at small businesses, with the goal of providing an all-in-one suite of tools for measuring, tracking the improving websites. The current marketplace is flooded with separate tools for various sales and marketing functions -- from heatmaps to surveys to A/B testing -- and despite competitors claiming to have solved this already, our experience suggests otherwise. Enter Hive, a modern tool for people who want to understand their data.

The below is a working concept for the website. The counterpart software is in early stage development.

Final Caption

Early Planning & User Personas

Since Hive is being developed from scratch, there's plenty to consider. What's the brand going to look like, who is the software going to serve, what are the problems that different users might want to solve with their data that cannot be solved without using a multitude of other paid tools? Starting with some rough sketches, name ideas and user personas, I spoke to a number of marketers, business owners, consultants and others to compile a feature list. 

A sitemap and user flow were created at this point too.

Caption here that shows some interesting shit going on, you know?

Building the Interface

After wireframing out the core site pages -- which we had decided to keep as simple as possible to focus our funnel on getting users to trial the software -- a set of brand guidelines were created to create an identity that flew in the face of traditional black/white element-heavy 'data' interfaces. I settled on bright, contrasting gradients with a large, almost playful sans-serif typeface with loads of negative space.


Another caption that highlights just how much thought has gone in to this badboy.

Current Status & Next Steps

We're happy with the current look of the UI for the marketing website, and we're now entering a round of feasibility tests and conversations with end users to see what they think. Once we're happy that we have a unique product which can change the way people see and interact with their website's data, we'll get to work on creating a backend information architecture and front-end for the actual Hive software. I'll post progress on this site as we go.

Below are some final additional UI details and mockups.