ParcelHub Project Overview

Delivering parcels on behalf of clients across mainland Europe, Nottingham-based ParcelHub needed a new admin backend dashboard to share with their customers. It allows them to send, track, update and integrate their shipping, giving them the best possible price. I worked with their development team and a colleague to create a modular front-end which could be expanded in-house.

It is responsive from tablet upwards as per the user feedback. A separate mobile app is in the early stages of design.


Building the Interface

Given the amount of data on show at any one time, it was important that typography and spacing allowed for a low chance of user input error whilst retaining a classy, spacious feel. Bright, contrasting buttons were used to add colour to the contrasting UI.  Popovers, prompts and a collapsable menu make the system intuitive and flexible.



Current Status & Next Steps

The first version of the site is in staging right now, and will undergo a number of small visual and experience tweaks before being put live during the summer. A counterpart website for marketing the product is likely to follow, along with a brand refresh.

Below are some final additional UI details.