Delivering parcels on behalf of clients across mainland Europe, Nottingham-based ParcelHub needed a new admin backend dashboard to share with their customers. It allows them to send, track, update and integrate their shipping, giving them the best possible price. I worked with their development team and a colleague to create a modular front-end which could be expanded in-house.

It is responsive from tablet upwards as per the user feedback. A separate mobile app is in the early stages of design.


Designing the Interface

Built entirely in Adobe XD, the interface builds upon brand and interface elements already present on the website, ensuring a cohesive design language across devices. Naturally, the app contains a number of native design patterns and animations, all of which follow device specific guidelines for usability.


Architecture & Site Flow

Since it's easy to find usability suffering when presenting lots of different types of data, user flows and interaction maps were considered in conjunction with the visual design, ensuring a simple and predictable flow through the app.

Since Adobe XD allows for animation between flows, I used this tool to both present a high level view of early features as well as to create an interactive prototype. Below are some shots of it in action.


Current Status & Next Steps

Once feedback on our prototype is ready, I will begin working on some of the more complex screens like A/B Testing and Heatmaps. The desktop cloud application will also be started after the mobile apps. We hope to be able to launch this app, or at least have small businesses running in the wild, at some point in early 2018.