Samara James Project Overview

Following a period of rapid expansion, Samara James wanted to solidify their position as a leading jewelry brand by getting the most out of their website. They commissioned a full responsive redesign, which was to be supported by several rounds of high resolution photography. To appear more up-market, they were keen to employ more negative space, a refreshed logo and with a keen focus on typographical hierarchy. 

Here is the progress so far. The website is currently under development.

Final Caption

Sketching & Feedback

The project started with a series of exploratory meetings and analysis of the current website's content. Since none of it was to change outside of a handful of pages, the challenge was to design something which retained the spirit of the brand whilst increasing the usability, functionality and ultimately conversion potential of the site. Following this, a series of sketches for core pages were created to get initial feedback on the general direction.

A set of  high fidelity counterpart 'breakdowns' were also created and sent to shareholders – these included my own rationale behind certain design creations and changes I had made. I was keen for the company to understand my way of thinking, which allowed me to be flexible to their feedback without sacrificing creativity.


Building the Interface

Once a design direction was agreed upon, the rest of the interface was created, which included product pages, checkout, basket, reviews, forms, navigation systems, galleries and other assorted modules. A consistent light, spacious approach was taken, with a contrasting off-grey palette used for modals, popovers and footers.


Going Responsive

Since the site was designed mobile first (or rather, content first), it was important to use large, immersive images as much as possible so that the typical 'best on desktop' mentality didn't start to creep in. It was important to Sarama James, given their metrics on user behavior, that the mobile site be as usable and visually interesting as on any other device.

Since they haven't currently got a site fit for mobile or tablet, the responsive aspect of the redesign offers plenty in the way of revenue and brand-building potential.



Current Status & Next Steps

At the time of writing, the site is currently undergoing a series of feedback rounds with shareholders and users, whilst the base of the site moves into development. The aim is to launch sometime in Q4 this year.