Swizzels Project Overview

In order to grow online sales and to justify a full responsive redesign to shareholders, Swizzels commissioned me to create a new homepage which could tie together several existing websites whilst introducing some of the lesser parts of their branding guidelines. It was important to modernise without losing the playful tone, whilst ensuring that key sellers and offers were represented up front. Several new components were also created to improve the UX of the site.

I presented this at their HQ earlier this year along with a full mobile proptype built in Marvel.


Providing Feedback

Since there was to be a big departure from their existing website, and a marketing shift towards selling products over education,  I created a series of documents to outline my thought process, which was shared with their in-house team. Since there are many factors at play behind the visuals, this was especially useful for me.


The Case

Following this, the Swizzels team have agreed for the need to take their website responsive. They are currently exploring the technical detail behind how they plan to do this.